2018 Rose China Tour Specific Time 2018 Ross China Specific Tour

NBA\’s star seems to have been there. It is already in China, but it is in one, Xiaobian suddenly thinks of a person, that is, Rose, Xiaobian\’s favorite

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Star one. His personal signature ball shoe Rose series, Xiaobian will start. Last year, Xiaobian regretted with Ross, this year will not be, because Xiaobian already knows the specific time and trip of Ross China, Xiaobian is shared with you.

2018 Ross China specific time

2018 Ross China Row will begin in early August, this time Roose China time is set to No. 4 to 9, this fans There is a blessing, Ross should be a star of the longest time in China this year.

2018 Ross China Specific Tasting

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Xiaobian here has a 2018 Ross China specific travel chart Welcome everyone to watch.

Rose first will be in Shanghai Oriental Pearl, Delay Xi\’an Terracotta, Nanjing Confucius Temple, and the specific time and trip small partners can watch it yourself.

Xiaobian can only help you here, how to get the specific ticket, the official is not announced, interested in the small partner can pay attention.

Ros Personal Information

Derrick Rose Rose \\\”, which is effective in the NBA Minnesota Forest Wolf.

Delhi Rose In the 2008 NBA draft in the first round of the first round, the first round of the Chicago Bulls was selected, and the new show season was elected NBA annual best rookie and won the NBA All-Star Skills Challenge, 2009- The NBA All-Star is selected in the 10 season. 2010-11,

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22-year-old Rose won the most valuable player (MVP), became the youngest MVP in the history of NBA, and selected NBA best lineup and NBA Star game starting lineup. The 2011-12 season is once again selected for the NBA All-Star Game starting lineup. June 23, 2016 was traded until the New York Knicks, July 25, 2017, July 25, July 25, 2017, Joined the Cleveland Knight, January 9, 2018 Join the Minnesota Wolf. [1-6]

In 2011, the NBA New Labor Agreement added \\\”Ross Terms\\\” to enable eligible excellent young players to obtain 30% of the team salary caps earlier earlier.