2018 Ross China\’s last stop scene 2018 Ross China Warm hearts What are the move?

2018 Ross China\’s last stop in Xi\’an, has been successfully accepted, and some small partners who have not been seen can only wait next time. Xiaobian recorded the last stop of Ross China, share with friends who are not on the scene, let\’s take a look.

2018 Ross China\’s last stop site

I thought we have already arrived early, but I found that the fans were really fierce, 6 points Half of activities, many fans have arrived at 2 o\’clock. And it doesn\’t blow, Xi\’an fans\’ organizational discipline is the event I have experienced, even if we have organized our tiger, it is TOP3.

When I saw Ross really to the scene, the fans reacted, I found me and underestimate the unity of fans!

Rose and a little sister together, under her guidance, with the most authentic tea way to give the fans a cup of tea.

My position is super good, just in Ross, there are many photos can\’t beat it because of the angle problem. It is very concentrated in Ross and is happy to see the shadow play. In addition to drinking tea is almost moving, I also found two photos in time.

Although the drama is Qi Tian Dasheng, the last menu is Rose, even himself is laughter.

This \\\”teacher\\\” that teaches the Bell Aka Diabolo is a standard Ross fan, do not look, saying that this shoe is now hard to find . Rose is a professional athlete, or then a few in the super good person on the earth, so it is true that the moving thing is really a hundred pass, and the ring is really pulling up.

On-site female fans taught Rose folded roses, after he was folded, handed over to his wife, survival desire is very strong.

The last link should take a long time for a long time, see the signature to move, he directly opens a pen to open a branch ready, then the first action is in his own The hat is signing, \\\”嗖\\\” will fly out and throw it

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fans. In the next half of the other half, what you can see is that security and staff keep saying: Only sign one, sign one, a dress, a shoe. Trouble in front of it, let. However, Ross almost shoes are double sign, and especially seriously shaking hands, no matter whether the other English is good, he is polite to talk two, and even many fans also want to sign the jersey after signing the shoes, security After returning the jersey. Ross also asked the security of the jersey and returned to the fans after signing.

[123The last after the photo is completed, and the signs are signed, one

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only throws the fans.

Xi\’an\’s fan really impressed me, I believe that Ross is also so much, in fact, it is not only this station, and Rose, Rose, the fans, only this year. On the 3 stop, it is still the sentence, time is really fast, slightly regret!

2018 Ross

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What are the warning of the Warm heart

The media interview with the Shanghai Global Financial Center, facing the body temperature of the reporter Rose answered one by one. In the next 1 hour, Ross accepted the reporter\’s rumor bombing. When he was about to leave, the reporters stood up and gave Ros, but Ross\’s next move, so that everyone was surprised, even somewhat touched.

Ross did not leave, he came to the reporter seat, shaking hands, hugging everyone, and constantly say \\\”appreciate\\\”. A reporter said: When Rose rushed to me, I was really surprised, I was touched, the whole person is all, I quickly recall which one is Rose, which is Ross, what is Ross? I got the answer: No!

Recalling the Ross of China a year ago, there were countless pain, but they were crying in front of Chinese fans. After reading the Chinese fans for his special editing, Ross left the hero tears \\\”because they feel malicious, so they know that they are not easy.\\\” I think this is the cause of Rose cry.

Shanghai attended the National High School 3V3 Finals, and he took a partner with a small player and made some opinions and suggestions for their future growth, and in-depth communication, After the game, Ross had his own voice of fans, he said: \\\”I am very grateful to everyone, because you, I will stick to it now.\\\” When I said, Ross\’s eyes were in tears. Yes, the proud of the past, the once MVP now fell to the meeting with a basic salary, and facing the past younger brother, now there is no one to become a boss, no one knows how sweet acid.

In the interview meeting, Ross made a move that all the reporters were very shocked. He hugged a reporter who came to the meeting after the end of the interview and said to them. Thanks for the discourse, and in the entire interview process, the Ross satisfied all the requirements of the reporters, answering questions from the reporter. According to a reporter at the time, I have never thought about I will hug in this life. When he came like I came, I was shocked and surprised. It is a malicious, so I can know the taste of being supported.

Ross China\’s explosive map appreciation