AJ3 Spurs theme color matching spy photos exposure AJ3 Spurs coloring physical appreciation

AJ3 series seems to be the most hot in the impression of the white cement, and in 2017, NIKE\’s attention to AJ3 is not high, recently, online sudden exposure of a set of AJ3 spurs themes According to Xiao, Xiaobian thought it was Nike suddenly remembered

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AJ3, I didn\’t expect to be a personal creation, but it is also worth seeing. Let\’s take a look at the spy photos together.

AJ3 Spurs Theme Color Spider

Recently, the shoes custom artist @ Andr3WTL is inherently inserted in the 1990s Spurs competition training, especially produced a pair of AIR Jordan 3 \\\”spurs\\\”!

How is the AJ3 Spurs The theme color

This pair of AJ3 uses the black and white dress with the clothing, the body, the body and the midsole detail, the powder, blue, Orange tricolor colorful dress is embellished, and the Spurs and \\\”Spurs\\\” is presented in the tongue and shoes. The overall color scheme is extremely high, and the retro charm is full!



Historical deeds

Air Jordan 3 was listed at the end of 1987, by the same name at the time. The passed the designer Tinker Hatfield is designed to be designed, push

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. Air Jordan 3 should be reduced by Jordan to reduce the height of the upper, the shoe body has joined the burst element of the decorative effect, and used the classic brief Jumpman logo; the middle has adopted the front and rear separation air sole, and innovative uses the back Visualized gas pad, not only has shock absorbing and stability, but also improved beauty. Jordan has achieved a regular season MVP in the 1987-1988 season, and the year\’s best defenders were selected for the first time in the first time of NBA, and I got MVP in all-star games and won the buckle competition. Nike has taken the first TV commercial more AIR Jordan, and the famous Black Director Spike Lee appears in the film and attracts numerous followers. According to the vote of the ESPN TV audience, Air Jordan 3 was rated as the greatest shoes in history.

AJ13 girl exclusive version of the night purple color color how Air Jordan 13 PRM HC GS \\\”DARK RAISIN\\\” spy photos sharing

AJ13 girl exclusive version of the night purple color is a colorful color, good-looking, good-looking, plus purple, and the purple is quite,

Nike Basketball

Suitable for girls,

Nike Cortez Women 123] So this shoe can be described in perfection, the welfare of the sisters, the small friends can consider buy

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a pair gives a girlfriend as a gift, isn\’t it Quite cost-effective?

AJ13 girl exclusive version of the night purple color color

noble dark purple with aj13 like this luxury shoe body, this pair of shoes want to say that he is not good, no way, AJ13 shoes Always belong to the boutique, Xiaobian has decided to buy a pair.

With the popularity of the shoes culture, more and more girls have begun to pay attention to the ball shoes, of which Air Jordan 13 is deeply loved by many girls, recently online exposure comes out of the new AIR Jordan. 13 PRM HC GS \\\”DARK RAISIN\\\”.

The overall shoe has a dark purple, the upper combination of metal gloss is combined with suede, and the visual feelings are extremely cool, with white midsole and gray outsole, low-key and highlights, let People are impressive.

Air Jordan 13 PRM HC GS \\\”Dark Raisin\\\” spy photos sharing

The dark purple Aj13 lying quietly lying in the shoe box is quite perfect, I really want to think To

AJ13 girls exclusive version of the night purple color distribution information

Shoes will be officially released at the designated Jordan Brand shop on December 26, the offer is $ 190, interested friends can add more focus on!

AIR Jordan 13 PRM HC GS \\\”Dark Raisin\\\”

Item No .: AA1236-520

Offer Date: December 26

Offers: $ 190 US dollar

Andrumaki 4 White Blue Warrior How to Color, Under Armour Curry 4 White Blue Warrior Color Where to Buy

Andrumaki 4 Bright Warriors Coloring is the new color of Andrima is a new color of 4 new launches. It is the main color of the Warriors. The blue sky is empticed to the sky is the limit of Curry, meaning

Womens nike sneakers

is often good, I believe that the friends like this pair of shoes like Xiaobian, good shoes need really, and this festive price is not high, very value.

Andrumuri 4 White Blue Warrior How to color

Very perfect, Xiaobian feels that friends who like the library can\’t miss it, be sure to start, I feel that I can\’t Said, the price is too cheap.

This white-blue warrior colorful Under Armour Curry 4 After the premature front of the NBA beads, they finally ushered in the official release!

The overall color scheme is mainly based on pure white dress. The medium is used to promote the gradient of the Warriors to the Warriors. The blue-yellow double-color detail is caught. The sharp shoe profile shows extremely strong visual expressions, plus the extra points of the Warriors, refreshing and handsome!

Take a look at this side, perfect

The other side is also very good

Under Armour Curry 4 White Blue Warriors Which

Currently, this new color has taken the lead in landing Basket4Ballers and other overseas shoes stores, pricing is € 150 euros, interested friends may try to start through Haitao channel!

Under Armour What brand

Under Armour refers to the American sports equipment brand. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, UNDER ARMOUR (New York Stock Exchange), Maryland, which mainly produces sports equipment.

UA mainly produces a tight underwear in the sports team (such as wearing basketball suit and baseball suit) or shoulders (such as American football or hockey shoulders), but in addition to this UA also produces production Wei

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Clothing, ordinary TEE, long sweatpants, etc. Under Armour led the production of tight, taking sweat-well-wicking as a material for sports equipment. Subsequently, Nike (DRI-FI

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T Pro series) and Reebok (NFL equipment series) have followed. Under Armour in June 2006A football splint brand with \\\”Click-CLACK\\\” is slogan.

This very successful company was established in 1996, the founder is a former Maryland football star Kevin Plank. Because of the painful feeling of tired of the cotton TEE was soaked in the body, Kevin Plank has developed a material that allows the athlete to maintain a refreshing and lightweight material in dramatic movement. Then he immediately convinced a university football team to buy his equipment in the hot climate city: Georgia Institute (in the humid inflammation of Atlanta) and the Big Big (Phoenix City near the desert). Then the NFL team Atlantan also put on this brand of equipment. Since then, the number of teams choosing UA is increasing, including the football team of most of NCAADIVISION 1-A. At the same time, the company has also created a lot of equipment for other sports.

Under Armour\’s headquarters in Baltimore. In 2003, the company began to do advertisements with the \\\”Warriors\\\”, and their slogan is \\\”We Must Protect this House\\\” (this slogan is used to present). In 2004, Under Armour designed a team to the Maryland Water Turtle Football Team, and distributed advertisements based on the team coach Ralph Friedgen.

November 18, 2005, UA conducted the first public offer. In the first day of trading, UA created the first day of the first day of the history in history, and the share price of 13 US dollars in the market arrived at $ 26.

In December 2005, UA announced a 5-year contract with the Auben University Sports Team, and UA became the official supplier of this university sports team. In March 2006, UA signed a similar contract with the Texas University of Technology and the Southlake Carroll High School football team.

August 2006, UA and Nike became three official shoe manufacturers of NFL with Reebok.

In February 2007, the Chicago Cubs Chicago Cabs of UA and MLB (American Ruple Big League) reached an agreement, and the bear team allowed UA to place advertisements on the outer field on both sides of its home court.

\\\”This is the first time that the bear is allowed to appear advertisements or any tags on the field door. Jay Blux, director of team marketing, said that many companies contact them about placing advertisements in the venue, and he says ua is the best choice.

In April 2007, South Car University signed a 6-year value of 10.8 million US dollars in 6 years. The contract stipulates that UA has become the official sports supplier of the South Card Football Team, and UA is responsible for providing clothes, jerseys and shoes..At the same time, the team\’s head coach Steve Spurrier will be very likely to be a brand spokesperson.

UA this brand has been well-known overseas.They have set up a European headquarters in Amsterdam.Britain, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa have become their development goals.

In May 2007, in the nearest shareholder meeting, CEO Kevin Plank announced a new marketing strategy: \\\”Team Girl\\\”, they targeted the target of the female sports market.At the same time, he also announced a long and 2008 sports shoes sector expansion plan.

March 9, 2011, Under Armour signed a three-year total value of 50 million pounds of jerseys.From the 2012-2013 season, we will provide jackets, competition services, and other professional sports equipment for the thermal thorns and preparatory teams.

AJ 1 MID \\\”Reverse Banned\\\” Spy photos Share AJ 1 Help \\\”Reverse Banned\\\” Offers

AIR Jordan 1 was launched in 1985. It is a basketball shoes named after Nike\’s first double name. It is this pair of shoes that open an era. So this pair of shoes have a great significance, to the end of the year,

Nike Air Force 1

Air Jordan 1 MID is also a moving connection. Following \\\”Dark Grey\\\”, \\\”Reverse Banned\\\” color color will also appear in front of everyone. The following fun is a small number to explain this pair of shoes.

AJ 1 MID \\\”Reverse Banned\\\” Spy photos sharing

This pair of MID will reverse the AIR Jordan 1 classic prohibition color, just like his name, reverse prohibition! Black litchi skin brings a different texture that is not the same.

The bright big red is very in line with the atmosphere of the New Year.

Overlook the ball shoe, or a pair of shoes with red.

Finally, look at the sole

AJ 1 to help \\\”Reverse banned\\\” offer information

This double-reverse transfer color Air Jordan 1 MID delivery time is not fixed, but it is estimated that we will meet with you, follow-up. We will continue to track reports.

AIR Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned

Item No .: 554724-601

Offer: $ 110

Air Jordan 1 is the double shoes

AIR Jordan 1 In 1985, it was Nike

Zapatos Nike de Hombre

a pair of Jordan named basket

Nike Shoes Everyday WEAR

Bark Shoes, it is this pair of shoes, open A era. AIR Jordan 1 The inspiration is from Air Force 1 in the past, while lowering the thickness of the medium, reducing the weight, increasing the ground, and adopting a rear palm air sole gas cushion; the most classic flying wing logo comes from the time Nike Creative Director Peter Moore. As a revolutionary shoe, Air Jordan 1 was huge for violation of the unified installation of the alliance at the time, but this ban also made Air Jordan 1 hot, snapped up, and thus left a good story. . At the same time, Michael Jordan wears Air Jordan 1 to emerge in the NBA Alliance and International Competition.The quite bright appearance in the secondary star competition is awarded the reputation of the annual newcomer.Today, Air Jordan 1 has become a classic match of fashion trends, often in major fashion icon and trend street shooting, one of the most legendary shoes in people.

Vans Purple Anneheim Shock Spy photos Share Vans Authentic 44 DX Inns Appreciation

Vans Authentic 44 DX series, can be said to be the classic in Vans classic, it also has a nice name, Annheim shoes, now

Nike Shoes DEALS

is also a purple new born, and Still exclusive, what is going on here? Let us first admire the spy photos and then listen to the fun stream.

VANS purple Anneheim shoes spy photos

This pair

Nike metcon 4

Authentic44 DX shoes, the body continues \\\”Anaheim Factory / Annheim Factory \\\”Many features of the series,

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, such as a larger floor, retro shoe, more comfortable Ultracush insole, etc. Although the shoes are still low, but they are equipped with thick suede materials, and with a beautiful and eye-catching purple. The label, lace, the inner ridge, and the large bottom bag are supplemented in white, only black waterline locks around the body around the body.

VANS Authentic 44 DX purple sale information

This pair of shoes have not yet been released, and the favorite small partners can continue to pay attention to us.

Billy\’s exclusive purple Annheim shoes release rights

\\\”exclusive\\\” is relatively unfamiliar in the field of shoes, unless they are in their own, otherwise I want to \\\”exclusive\\\” OR \\\”Exclusive Limited\\\” a piece of shoe can be said to be very difficult. Previously, a series of Chukka \\\”Velvet\\\” and rollicking joint shoes, Japanese shop Billy\’s, once again, this time, the \\\”Anaheim Factory / Annheim factory\\\” series of shoes exclusive.

Jordan Super.fly 2017 Low Help version Spy photos Sharing Jordan Super.fly 2017 low-hand black red color spy photos

Jordan Super.fly basketball shoes can be said to be a quite classic basketball shoe in Jordan Brand, as a flagship team of Jordan Brand

Nike Sneakers

, Jordan Super.Fly 2017 in the field of performance Meet, in order to meet the needs of the wearer, the low-help version of Jordan Super.Fly 2017 Low is coming soon, with the fun stream Xiaobian to see the spy photos.

Jordan super.fly 2017 low-alive spy photos

This exposure Jordan super.fly 2017 low-hand black gold and gray red two color, the former with black as the main body with dark blue The outsole, with gold as a embellishment; the latter is used as the main tone, with a red to match, and the floral pattern of the upper has brought a different visual experience.

Jordan Super.Fly 2017 Low Help version

Nike Slippers for Men


It is reported that the shoe has not yet Announced accurate delivery information, interested friends can continue to pay attention to our interesting network, we will inform you the latest news in the first time.

Jordan Super.fly series

Jordan super.Fly has a simple appearance and long shoe type; the upper is a lightweight engineering mesh material Embroidery design, has good breathability and support, and further enhance the aesthetics; the mesh system system uses an integrated strap, bypassing the bow above the bow, to the sole, bring dynamic fit and wrap; Follow the inner boots

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Make sure the feet is fixed and comfortable; the internal TPU stabilizer has anti-milling, support for the foot of the arch; PHYLON foam The front facade zoom air cushion, bringing sensitive cushioning performance; the grid texture provides excellent grip.

Ub4.0 \\\”show your stripes\\\” spy photos Share Adi UB4.0 \\\”Show your stripes\\\” release date

As one of the hottest running shoes, the upcoming Adidas Ultraboost 4.0 is destined to have received attention. Recently, ADIDAS Ultraboost 4.0 called Silver Metallic is exposed. Adi UB4.0 has been widely concerned from the listing, and the black technology equipped with the two running shoes is very much. The following fun network Xiaobian will take a small partner to see how this pair of shoes.

UB4.0 \\\”Show your stripes\\\” spy photos sharing

The shoe upper is woven by Primeknit, which is made of stable dark gray. The largest highlight non-silver

Nike Jordan Shoes Men

Reflective Three Stripes Mo, forming a brightly fodder with upper

Running Shoes for Men Nike

highlights the most representative of the brand Sign. In addition, the bottom of Boost, the outer bottom of the Continental rubber is white, both of which are all integrated.

Adi UB4.0 \\\”SHOW Your Stripes\\\” released date

It is reported that the shoe will be available in August 2018, priced at $ 200.

Adidas UB4.0 how

Big brand is the most peaceful thing to have new shoes, which is also in line with modern people to pursue fresh feelings. The information of Adidas UB4.0 has emerged, which has no doubt that many people are particularly excited. This series of shoes themselves are very classic. It is very beautiful and practical in the details, so many people think that its cost is very high, especially It is very suitable for running or daily exercise.

In the design of Adidas UB4.0, some breakthroughs have also made some breakthroughs, with its white color classic as an example, in the fabric design of the body of the body. Designed, and the line of the fabric

Nike face mask

has a more basic change, so it is visually increased the texture of the shoes, and such a design has a good breathable effect, and the comfortable wearing can be obtained. Assure. At the same time, the technology in the bottom of the sole also made Adidas Boost4.0 shoes to continue in the shape of the shape and the shelter of the shoe, so the functionality of the shoes is still very perfect.

Match some of the Adidas Boost4.0 classic upper LOGO and the design of the support frame make this shoe a red shoe that I want to buy. From functionally, the shoes also have good wrapped, the design of the fabric in the shoe also makes the shoes wear on the feet.Get good guarantees.In addition, from some design concepts of Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0, there will be a lot of very resistant color matching to be careful.

This Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 stepped on the rebound effect of the feet will probably make many consumers trying to don\’t forget, it is indeed a very rare experience, in the spring and summer season, this is youThe best partner.

Is NMD R1 PK STLT for sale? Adidas Originals NMD R1 PK Stlt how

2018 is coming, Adidas Originals will also upgrade the popularity of the PBNMD, bringing new NMD R1 PK STLT versions. Adidas Originals NMD R1 is a new footwear launched by Adidas Company. This shoe-type self-launch has always been a hot shoe style. Today, I will take you to take everyone to see how this double shoe style.

Adidas Originals NMD R1 PK Stlt how

First exposure is a double new \\\”Core Black\\\” color, continuing NMD streamlined simplicity, consistent with Primeknit, and puts both sides Three-wire markers 省 去

Toddler 7 Nike Shoes


NMD R1 PK STLT is sold?

There is no sale yet, it is reported that the new Adidas Originals NMD R1 PK STLT will be officially released in January 2018, pricing is $ 170.

Nike Water Bottles

Adidas Originals NMD R1 How to

Adidas Originals NMD R1 is a new foot-in-one launched in 2015, which draws 1984 Micro Pacer, 1985 Rising Star, and 1986 Boston Super\’s three 80s, the design, the iconic colored main color block design, the mid-bottomed Adidas boost technology, with the innovative Primeknit weaving technology composition Sole,

Nike Presto Men

The breathable is extremely high, and it has brought excellent foot. NMD cleverly integrates historical integration into modern contexts, integrates retro trends and modern technology, into the fresh blood, given new significance, making it a historical beauty and modern vitality. Adidas Originals NMD has rapidly triggered a boom, and the NMD series has become one of the most popular shoes series with a variety of popularity colors and joint styles. NMD\’s popularity has reached an unprecedented heat.

AJ1 black green toe sale time AJ1 black green toe how much money

The most worthwhile shoes recently is nothing more than AJ1 black and green toes and AJ1 black purple

Nike Free Run Womens

toes, now the date is getting closer and closer, recently online also exposed the latest The physical map and related information of the AJ1 black and green toe, then when did this double-selling AJ1 black green ankle for sale? How much is the AJ1 black green toe? Let\’s take a look at the relevant information about the AJ1 black green toe together with the Xiaobian of interest.

AJ1 black green toe release time

The latest news said that this coloring will be officially released on September 22, we will continue to pay attention and bring follow-up reports! Air Jordan 1 \\\”Pine Green\\\” Item No .: 55508-302 Off Sales: On September 22, there are many small partners who are concerned about the AJ1 black and green foot toe. It is regrettable to tell everyone, AJ1 black and green feet

Nike Shoes for Men Air Max Plus

no female code

How much is the black green toe?

Official AJ1 offer is $ 160, equivalent RMB is almost about 1000 yuan, but now the domestic call is so high, the volume is not much, the price is definitely a rising

Let\’s take a look at the latest physical details of An Aj1 black green toe [123 ]

Do you accept this green?

Walking on the street should be good, and green is also extremely popular this year, compared to black red toes Winning.

AJ1 black green foot toe is large?

Xiaofei\’s AJ1 black green foot toe is not much

and there will be autumn immediately. , The most

Nike Shirts

Near AJ1 is also a silent price increase, now this shoe\’s market is almost about 2500

There is still no announcement in the domestic release date, I don\’t know Is it going on the same day, we still continue to pay attention

AJ1 black purple black green toe how to grab AJ1 black purple black green toes men and women code

AJ1 black purple toe and AJ1 black green toe will be sold next September 22 on the same day on September 22, many small partners now Relationship AJ1 Black Green foot toe can not grab, then AJ1 black purple toe how to grab Woolen cloth? How to grab AJ1 black purple toe? AJ1 black purple toes and AJ1 black purple toes have a female code? How much is the AJ1 black purple toe and black green toe? AJ1 black purple toes and black green feet is large? Let\’s take a look at the information about the AJ1 Black and AJ1 black and green toe together with Xiaobian of interest.

AJ1 black purple black green toe how to grab

AJ1 black purple toes and AJ1 black green toe on September 22 Nike.com, all like AJ1 black purple toes and AJ1 Black-green toe small partners remember to pay attention to the official information

I want to buy color you want to buy. After all, two color matchs have just been exploding before, and I have a good choice [123 ]


Nike Shoes in Pakistan

Black purple black green toe men\’s or female code is

AJ1 black purple toes and AJ1 black green toes men and women code, Men\’s price ¥ 1299 RMB, women\’s price is ¥ 899 RMB.

In the case of the current form of AJ1, these two domestic market pre-sale prices have exceeded ¥ 2500 rations

The current volume information is not announced, but [123 ] Nike Shoes Kobe

Xiaobian feels not much, wait until the sale, the price is definitely a rising

can purchase the original price

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG \\\”court purple\\\”

Item No .: 555088-501

On September 22

Offers: ¥ 1299 RMB (Male) /

Nike White Socks for men

¥ 899 RMB (female)

Air Jordan 1 Retro High Og \\\”Pine Green\\\”

Item No .: 555088-302

[123 ] Off September 22

Offers: ¥ 1299 RMB (Male) / ¥ 899 RMB (Female)

AJ1 Black and AJ1 Black Green What is worth buying

Xiaobian more likes, the color is better, the purple is moreAdd noble temperament

Adding black purple is also the popular color color this year,

Autumn and winter will also be more fashionable