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Air Force No. 1 as Nike\’s classic

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Shoes, including Air Force No. 1 small white shoes more classic classics. This Nike launched a new color of the Air Force No. 1, contrary to classic small white shoes. This brand new color, the whole body is dominated by black, with a white match, the most eye-catching is the Swoosh of this time is a colored flower hook. How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you together!


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GH new color matching \\\”Remasis\\\”

Recently, a pair of very special Air Force 1 HIGH official map was first exposed.

This pair of shoes are black and white, and the swoosh logo is decorated, extended to the back.

The color pattern also has a ring totem style Nike logo, a tongue, and the back side of the upper side echoes the same decoration, and the overall design is unique.

Air Force 1 High New Color Offers

There is currently no specific release information, like a small friend can pay more attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention !

How to clean

1, when cleaning the bottom of the Nike Air Force, can spray a small collar, standing After a few seconds, use a soft brush to brush, and the time of brush should not be too long. Note that it is necessary to avoid the corner portion of the tipping pattern of the mooring pattern.

2, when cleaning the eyes, pay attention to preventing metal shoes from fading, which can cause the upper to be dirty. In this regard, the transparent nail oil can be applied to the upper surface, which can effectively prevent the oxidation of the metal.

3, after the cleaning is completed, it should be rinsed with warm water or cool water, which can reduce chemicals for the erosion of shoes. When cleaning, if the shading is clamped, the small stone is removed immediately, otherwise the foreign matter causing the foreign matter to deform the ripple of the sole, thereby affecting the movement of the shoe.

4, after cleaning, use dry towels

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or something absorbed on the shoes and other water, and then placed in a cool place to naturally Dry, remember, can not be exposed to the sun under the sun, which will remove the shoe and deform. Xiaobian reminded that when drying the shoes, you can use a soft item such as newspapers to put into the shoes, which can keep the shoes of the shoes to prevent the shoes to be deformate.