AJ4 North Card Blue Tips Offering AJ4 North Card Blue Delivery

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Previously, on March 6, the AJ4 North Card Blue, which was sold tomorrow, this passed the latest jump ticket for sale. In fact, this colorful jump is not surprising, because this is the marketing strategy of Nike often play, this is the appetite of the players to sell! So when is AJ4 North Card? Let\’s take you a look at you!

AJ4 North Card Blue Tile Offering

North Card Blue Color in AJ is a popular color color, the previous AJ1 North Card Blue, AJ3 North Card Blue is quite high, received a lot of shoes fans, I don\’t know what scene will this AJ4 North Card Blue offer? This new AJ4 North Card Blue continues the North card blue color style, with a bright blue compassionate, the middle and then adding ink detail, showing OG full cement style, perfecting the whole double shoe Design, it looks quite fresh and bright! It is reported that the latest release date of this new color match is scheduled to be on April 28, and the offer is $ 225. The friends who like the friends may wish to prepare in advance!

AIR Jordan 4 Se \\\”University Blue\\\”

Item No .: CT8527-400

Offer date: April 28

Offers: $ 225 [ 123]

AJ4 North Card Blue Delivery Survey?

AJ4 North Card Blue\’s quantity has not yet been announced, but the small editing of this coloring volume should be relatively large. According to the popularity of North Card Blue color, this colorful volume should not be too small. However, according to

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Nike\’s urine, the possibility of hunger marketing is not excluded, and the specific volume is unknown. However, the small package will continue to pay more trend information!

AJ4 North Card Blue how to grab

If you want to start this new color match, Xiaobian suggest you can prepare you in advance, pay attention to AJ4 North Card Blue On sale, there is also a release mode in the new time. At the new time, I immediately sprint, hitting

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The new words dropped menu found the first sprint of the raid products. In addition, if you want to sign, you usually have to spell your hands and network speed, or you can purchase a larger size to ensure your own sign. Finally, Xiaobian wishes you to successfully buy his favorite shoes!

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