AJ7 Fur Rock Offering AJ7 Why does not fire

AJ7 belongs to a cold door in AJ, but although AJ7 is not as popular as AJ1, AJ3, AJ11 and other shoes, there is still a lot of shoes and fans like AJ7. Nike also launched several new AJ7 color colors every year, recently Nike launched an AJ7 new florite color. So what is this new color match? Whether it is worth you? Let\’s take a look!

AJ7 Floral Offers

From the real-release real picture, the overall color of this AJ7 flame shoe body in Nike is very simple. The whole shoe body is built in white leather and gray fluff, which looks quite a feeling of black and white old photos. Only the \\\”23\\\” of purple is used in the post with some, add

Nike Air Presto

. It is reported that this new color match will be available on May 1, the sale price is $ 190

Toddler 7 Nike Shoes

. Like friends, you may wish to pay attention!


Item No .: CU9307-100

Offers: $ 190

Offering Date: May 1, 2021 [ 123]

Why is AJ7 not fire

AJ7 is not very fire in AJ, belongs to a short-lived shoe, because this shoe is all always Not very high, not Jordan himself very loved shoes. 7 generations of non-people see people\’s shoes, the market acceptance is limited, so Nike released and retransmate the number of times, too much frequent re-enactment will only be turned to the brand


. Various causes, AJ7 is not a fire, relative to other Jian AJ belongs to a short door.

AJ7 flame is worth buying

If you really like this color, and if you don\’t mind, it is quite worth it. In fact, it\’s a very popular color and shoes, very popular, and it\’s natural, and it is naturally high. So if it is not a collection, you can consider this color matching. Black and white is very good with clothes, simple, you can consider it.

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