Andrumaki 4 White Blue Warrior How to Color, Under Armour Curry 4 White Blue Warrior Color Where to Buy

Andrumaki 4 Bright Warriors Coloring is the new color of Andrima is a new color of 4 new launches. It is the main color of the Warriors. The blue sky is empticed to the sky is the limit of Curry, meaning

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Andrumuri 4 White Blue Warrior How to color

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This white-blue warrior colorful Under Armour Curry 4 After the premature front of the NBA beads, they finally ushered in the official release!

The overall color scheme is mainly based on pure white dress. The medium is used to promote the gradient of the Warriors to the Warriors. The blue-yellow double-color detail is caught. The sharp shoe profile shows extremely strong visual expressions, plus the extra points of the Warriors, refreshing and handsome!

Take a look at this side, perfect

The other side is also very good

Under Armour Curry 4 White Blue Warriors Which

Currently, this new color has taken the lead in landing Basket4Ballers and other overseas shoes stores, pricing is € 150 euros, interested friends may try to start through Haitao channel!

Under Armour What brand

Under Armour refers to the American sports equipment brand. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, UNDER ARMOUR (New York Stock Exchange), Maryland, which mainly produces sports equipment.

UA mainly produces a tight underwear in the sports team (such as wearing basketball suit and baseball suit) or shoulders (such as American football or hockey shoulders), but in addition to this UA also produces production Wei

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Clothing, ordinary TEE, long sweatpants, etc. Under Armour led the production of tight, taking sweat-well-wicking as a material for sports equipment. Subsequently, Nike (DRI-FI

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T Pro series) and Reebok (NFL equipment series) have followed. Under Armour in June 2006A football splint brand with \\\”Click-CLACK\\\” is slogan.

This very successful company was established in 1996, the founder is a former Maryland football star Kevin Plank. Because of the painful feeling of tired of the cotton TEE was soaked in the body, Kevin Plank has developed a material that allows the athlete to maintain a refreshing and lightweight material in dramatic movement. Then he immediately convinced a university football team to buy his equipment in the hot climate city: Georgia Institute (in the humid inflammation of Atlanta) and the Big Big (Phoenix City near the desert). Then the NFL team Atlantan also put on this brand of equipment. Since then, the number of teams choosing UA is increasing, including the football team of most of NCAADIVISION 1-A. At the same time, the company has also created a lot of equipment for other sports.

Under Armour\’s headquarters in Baltimore. In 2003, the company began to do advertisements with the \\\”Warriors\\\”, and their slogan is \\\”We Must Protect this House\\\” (this slogan is used to present). In 2004, Under Armour designed a team to the Maryland Water Turtle Football Team, and distributed advertisements based on the team coach Ralph Friedgen.

November 18, 2005, UA conducted the first public offer. In the first day of trading, UA created the first day of the first day of the history in history, and the share price of 13 US dollars in the market arrived at $ 26.

In December 2005, UA announced a 5-year contract with the Auben University Sports Team, and UA became the official supplier of this university sports team. In March 2006, UA signed a similar contract with the Texas University of Technology and the Southlake Carroll High School football team.

August 2006, UA and Nike became three official shoe manufacturers of NFL with Reebok.

In February 2007, the Chicago Cubs Chicago Cabs of UA and MLB (American Ruple Big League) reached an agreement, and the bear team allowed UA to place advertisements on the outer field on both sides of its home court.

\\\”This is the first time that the bear is allowed to appear advertisements or any tags on the field door. Jay Blux, director of team marketing, said that many companies contact them about placing advertisements in the venue, and he says ua is the best choice.

In April 2007, South Car University signed a 6-year value of 10.8 million US dollars in 6 years. The contract stipulates that UA has become the official sports supplier of the South Card Football Team, and UA is responsible for providing clothes, jerseys and shoes..At the same time, the team\’s head coach Steve Spurrier will be very likely to be a brand spokesperson.

UA this brand has been well-known overseas.They have set up a European headquarters in Amsterdam.Britain, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa have become their development goals.

In May 2007, in the nearest shareholder meeting, CEO Kevin Plank announced a new marketing strategy: \\\”Team Girl\\\”, they targeted the target of the female sports market.At the same time, he also announced a long and 2008 sports shoes sector expansion plan.

March 9, 2011, Under Armour signed a three-year total value of 50 million pounds of jerseys.From the 2012-2013 season, we will provide jackets, competition services, and other professional sports equipment for the thermal thorns and preparatory teams.