City 8 V2 spy photos Appreciation Wade\’s Road City 8V2 PG4 theme for sale

Do you have any ideas for PG4 shoes? Since the issue of this shoes, I have received the vomiting of the majority of the actual party, and this shoe, which is brought today, I really want PG4. It is the 8V2 style in the city. This shoe is also on the line of Li Ning\’s store, interested friends can Take a look at the network together!

Appreciation of 8 V2 in the whole city

This shoe exposure time is very early, and PG4 is really similar, but color The value is still good!

Putting the 8 generations of the city into the zipper structure of PG4!

Wade Tao City 8V2 PG4 theme for sale

The whole city 8 generations deeply smashed the heart, the shape, I feel better than the zone, although I still use Li Ningyun, The cushioning is compared to the chicken ribs, but the performance is less than the color, and it is also good to go out of the door. V2 exposure time is very early, when the AJ34 exposure, Sun Mingxu took photos, it is really a bit like. The middle bottom of V2 is unchanged, the upper increases the zipper design, the material and the AJ34 of the upper, I think this is also a very good shoe, this year can be expected.

How is the 8 V2 configuration in the city

This city 8 is still unexpected, especially the design of the upper zipper, The package is also stronger. There is also a new upper to increase the design of the shoe zipper, and the transparent upper can see three sets of flying lines.

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is true flying line, plus the round convex in the upper Reserved, the big probability is a manual lace system like Wade\’s 4th, which greatly enhances the package and the level of service to the foot. I hope that this reserved and the latter and inner boots in the city will really play

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. As for the middle, the official is not announced, I don\’t know if it will keep cloud technology or cloud + lightf

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oam combination, or further content?

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