Fujihanghao re-sunned AIR Jordan 34 online!Solve sale approaching?

OG Ganso as impact of global pop culture, Hiroshi Fujiwara stands can be described in many nascent designers, immortal ivy. Although the joint work in recent years has repeatedly been Tucao shoe fans, but still does not affect everyone involved, \\\”Lightning co-branded\\\” vine

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original Hao, a high degree of attention Fragment Design of words such as joint products. Like yesterday, he again out of the sun on Instagram Fragment Design x Air Jordan 34 on foot, the moment everyone is still watching. Contemporary top with Jordan\’s flagship joint boots and gold signs together, will definitely be detonated shoes of a circle of the major events. From its debut there for a while

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son \\u200b\\u200bafter the Nike Global Summit in February, the re

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The new joint release on foot, I do not know whether It means the release date draws near. Take the shoe itself Yen value, the iconic black, blue and white color constitute a high degree of recognition Hiroshi Fujiwara style. Sideways translucent upper outside embellishment double Lightning Logo, inside dotted Fragment Logo, and yet low-key style, it should still be a double high-quality style. These shoes are currently no clear information about the sale, and interested small partner can close attention to our information, we will first bring follow-up reports. Pic via: fujiwarahiroshi