KD12 black warrior sale information KD12 black warrior real map appreciation

The KD12 has been recognized by a great feeling since the sale, and the color parallelism is constantly rich and updated. Today, Xiaobian is recommended to bring a high-quality black warrior color, let\’s take a look at the information about the KD12 black warrior with Xiaobian.

KD12 Black Samurai Introduction Appreciation

The overall tone uses a cool black band, the middle bottom is added to the glossy quality, with the details blue fonts and shoe collar silver decoration Add a delicate level.

At the perspective of top view, this pair of shoes is very thin

The newly upgraded zoom AIR air cushion is not only more combined Feats, more flexible performance!

KD12 Black Samurai Off Information

For this pair of KD12 black warriors, it is expected to be available for sale in the near future. Pay more attention to it.

For this pair of KD12 shoes, many small partners ridiculed, after experiencing KD9, 10, the KD11 is followed, KD12 is the only

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KD products that purchase desires. That is, this is a super cost-effective shoe. If you budget enough and what to buy something, this pair of shoes will never regret it.

KD12, Ou text 5 and lbj16 which is more suitable for external fields

Of course, KD12, because there is no need to run together, the performance is very good, there are many shoes on the Internet. I don\’t say it here. Do not recommend Owen 5, the anti-torque is too poor, typical increase prices, LBJ16 is not bad, but the shoes are relatively heavy, and people with strong weight are better. KD12 beats what venues, pure plastic

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is still no problem, with this

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other ground don\’t think [123 ]