Li Ning Kao 2.3 x Cheng Long Spie Photo Exposure Promotion 2.3 X Cheng Long Offer Information

In this year\’s fashion show 2.3 shoes still received a lot of small partners, after all, the design of the provenigue series is still very opposite to most of the small partners, and recently Xiaobian also learned this double proud road [ 123] Nike SB Dunk

2.3 To be sold and the joint version of Jackie Chan, then this double enlightened road 2.3 X Cheng Long physical map? Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian.

Li Ning Kang 2.3 x Cheng Long Spie Dialect

When I learned that Li Ning asked Li Ning, I was still very surprised, I can only say that Li Ning is true. Niu Ji, not much nonsense, let\’s take a look at the color of the shoes, the use of the upper is very simple, black and white, this should be related to the low-key character of the dragon big brother.

The part of the body is the design of a layer of strap, which should be very suitable for different legs, and the middle bottom is the combination of EVA rubber [ 123]

, there is also a pull ring

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design, still very intimate

[123 ] The only place in the belt is the place where the name is jointly, and the dragon word written is, and the sincerity of Li Ning is still nice.

Wu Dao 2.3 X Cheng Long Off Information

This is known that this double enlightened road 2.3 X Cheng Long is expected to be released in autumn, but the specific offer information There is no announcement there, you can pay more attention to the official information.

Xiaobian feels that this pair of shoes is definitely a very robbing, after all, the appeal of the big brother is still good.

Wu Dao 2.3 Shoes Paving Code

Wu Dao 2.3 Normal size,


Not big, wearing soft and comfortable, no grinding feet, Good looking, breathable, no feet, very comfortable to wear, more comfortable than foreign first line brands! And the price is very conscience! Looking forward to new products!