AJ3 AWOK Offer Information AJ3 AWOK Trim Details Appreciation

This year AJ

Nike SHOES MEN Air Max 90

3 The action can be described as a small, recently exposed a group of AJ3 and Vogue cooperation brings a new AJ3 shoe, then this AJ3 AWOK Is it on sale? Is the AJ3 AWOK physical map look good? Let\’s take a look at the relevant information about AJ3 AWOK with Xiaobian of interest.

AJ3 AWOK Offers

Current two pairs of AIR Jordan 3 AWOK A black red color matching is scheduled to land on September 7, Jordan designated retail stores, the price is $ 180.

The domestic delivery situation has no movement, we will continue to pay close attention to this, bringing you the first time to sell news!

Item No .: BQ3195-001

Nike Duffel Bag

Offering Date: September 7

Off Price: $ 180

Nike Running Shorts Men

Nike Running Shorts Men

Black model presents a star-visual effect, with Some luxury quality is self-evident!

The body is a knitted material, no burst element

Air Jordan 3 AWOK volume big?

Air Jordan 3 AWOK volume is not large, is limited to sale

This Air Jordan 3 Awok draws the design inspiration from Anna landmark and sunglasses, including black, red design.

Howard 2018 China Walk Wuhan Station Howard 2018 China Ticket Tickets How to get

In recent days, we also ushered in the China OK of the NBA Sky. They are James and Howard. It is said that James is only one stop in Shanghai, and Howard is different, it will go to five stations. It is said that

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Wuhan is also there.

Nike Free Run 5.0

Is Wuhan\’s entitlement? Let\’s take a look at Wuhan

Nike Tank Top Men


Howard 2018 China Walk Wuhan Station

Howard once said, I can\’t wait to return to China, I will go to Wuhan for the first time, I want to appreciate this historical culture and contained, and my heart The players of basketball players play a match, which will be my most meaningful journey

Howard 2018 China Whatei Station specific time is August 30 to thirty-one No. Pay attention to our WeChat public number [Howard] and [Howard official microblogging] to grab ticket activities

Howard 2018 China Directive Tour

Howard The event will be interacted in Harbin, Wuhan, Hefei and Haikou, and the fans will interact.

2018 Ross China\’s last stop scene 2018 Ross China Warm hearts What are the move?

2018 Ross China\’s last stop in Xi\’an, has been successfully accepted, and some small partners who have not been seen can only wait next time. Xiaobian recorded the last stop of Ross China, share with friends who are not on the scene, let\’s take a look.

2018 Ross China\’s last stop site

I thought we have already arrived early, but I found that the fans were really fierce, 6 points Half of activities, many fans have arrived at 2 o\’clock. And it doesn\’t blow, Xi\’an fans\’ organizational discipline is the event I have experienced, even if we have organized our tiger, it is TOP3.

When I saw Ross really to the scene, the fans reacted, I found me and underestimate the unity of fans!

Rose and a little sister together, under her guidance, with the most authentic tea way to give the fans a cup of tea.

My position is super good, just in Ross, there are many photos can\’t beat it because of the angle problem. It is very concentrated in Ross and is happy to see the shadow play. In addition to drinking tea is almost moving, I also found two photos in time.

Although the drama is Qi Tian Dasheng, the last menu is Rose, even himself is laughter.

This \\\”teacher\\\” that teaches the Bell Aka Diabolo is a standard Ross fan, do not look, saying that this shoe is now hard to find . Rose is a professional athlete, or then a few in the super good person on the earth, so it is true that the moving thing is really a hundred pass, and the ring is really pulling up.

On-site female fans taught Rose folded roses, after he was folded, handed over to his wife, survival desire is very strong.

The last link should take a long time for a long time, see the signature to move, he directly opens a pen to open a branch ready, then the first action is in his own The hat is signing, \\\”嗖\\\” will fly out and throw it

Nike High Tops Women

fans. In the next half of the other half, what you can see is that security and staff keep saying: Only sign one, sign one, a dress, a shoe. Trouble in front of it, let. However, Ross almost shoes are double sign, and especially seriously shaking hands, no matter whether the other English is good, he is polite to talk two, and even many fans also want to sign the jersey after signing the shoes, security After returning the jersey. Ross also asked the security of the jersey and returned to the fans after signing.

[123The last after the photo is completed, and the signs are signed, one

killshot 2 Nike Shoes

only throws the fans.

Xi\’an\’s fan really impressed me, I believe that Ross is also so much, in fact, it is not only this station, and Rose, Rose, the fans, only this year. On the 3 stop, it is still the sentence, time is really fast, slightly regret!

2018 Ross

Nike DrawString Bag

What are the warning of the Warm heart

The media interview with the Shanghai Global Financial Center, facing the body temperature of the reporter Rose answered one by one. In the next 1 hour, Ross accepted the reporter\’s rumor bombing. When he was about to leave, the reporters stood up and gave Ros, but Ross\’s next move, so that everyone was surprised, even somewhat touched.

Ross did not leave, he came to the reporter seat, shaking hands, hugging everyone, and constantly say \\\”appreciate\\\”. A reporter said: When Rose rushed to me, I was really surprised, I was touched, the whole person is all, I quickly recall which one is Rose, which is Ross, what is Ross? I got the answer: No!

Recalling the Ross of China a year ago, there were countless pain, but they were crying in front of Chinese fans. After reading the Chinese fans for his special editing, Ross left the hero tears \\\”because they feel malicious, so they know that they are not easy.\\\” I think this is the cause of Rose cry.

Shanghai attended the National High School 3V3 Finals, and he took a partner with a small player and made some opinions and suggestions for their future growth, and in-depth communication, After the game, Ross had his own voice of fans, he said: \\\”I am very grateful to everyone, because you, I will stick to it now.\\\” When I said, Ross\’s eyes were in tears. Yes, the proud of the past, the once MVP now fell to the meeting with a basic salary, and facing the past younger brother, now there is no one to become a boss, no one knows how sweet acid.

In the interview meeting, Ross made a move that all the reporters were very shocked. He hugged a reporter who came to the meeting after the end of the interview and said to them. Thanks for the discourse, and in the entire interview process, the Ross satisfied all the requirements of the reporters, answering questions from the reporter. According to a reporter at the time, I have never thought about I will hug in this life. When he came like I came, I was shocked and surprised. It is a malicious, so I can know the taste of being supported.

Ross China\’s explosive map appreciation

2018 Rose China Tour Specific Time 2018 Ross China Specific Tour

NBA\’s star seems to have been there. It is already in China, but it is in one, Xiaobian suddenly thinks of a person, that is, Rose, Xiaobian\’s favorite

Nike Shoes Drawing

Star one. His personal signature ball shoe Rose series, Xiaobian will start. Last year, Xiaobian regretted with Ross, this year will not be, because Xiaobian already knows the specific time and trip of Ross China, Xiaobian is shared with you.

2018 Ross China specific time

2018 Ross China Row will begin in early August, this time Roose China time is set to No. 4 to 9, this fans There is a blessing, Ross should be a star of the longest time in China this year.

2018 Ross China Specific Tasting

How to Know ITS Original Nike Shoes

Xiaobian here has a 2018 Ross China specific travel chart Welcome everyone to watch.

Rose first will be in Shanghai Oriental Pearl, Delay Xi\’an Terracotta, Nanjing Confucius Temple, and the specific time and trip small partners can watch it yourself.

Xiaobian can only help you here, how to get the specific ticket, the official is not announced, interested in the small partner can pay attention.

Ros Personal Information

Derrick Rose Rose \\\”, which is effective in the NBA Minnesota Forest Wolf.

Delhi Rose In the 2008 NBA draft in the first round of the first round, the first round of the Chicago Bulls was selected, and the new show season was elected NBA annual best rookie and won the NBA All-Star Skills Challenge, 2009- The NBA All-Star is selected in the 10 season. 2010-11,

Nike pesh

22-year-old Rose won the most valuable player (MVP), became the youngest MVP in the history of NBA, and selected NBA best lineup and NBA Star game starting lineup. The 2011-12 season is once again selected for the NBA All-Star Game starting lineup. June 23, 2016 was traded until the New York Knicks, July 25, 2017, July 25, July 25, 2017, Joined the Cleveland Knight, January 9, 2018 Join the Minnesota Wolf. [1-6]

In 2011, the NBA New Labor Agreement added \\\”Ross Terms\\\” to enable eligible excellent young players to obtain 30% of the team salary caps earlier earlier.

James 16 Black Red When is the sale of Lebron 16 black?

Not long ago, Xiaobian announced James 16 black spy photos, Xiaobian told everyone to don\’t worry,

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It will soon meet it. In the latest offer arrangement released by Foot Locker

Nike Socks for Women

, James 16 black red release time is determined, then when James 16 is on sale? Let\’s take a look.

When is James 16 Black Red

Recently, the latest release schedule released by Foot Locker, this Zhan Huang\’s latest translation

J Balvin Nike Shoes Release Date

The series confirmed the date of sale will be officially released on September 20.

Unfortunately, the current relationship price and details have not been exploded. Interested partners can pay attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention.

LeBron 16 black and beautiful?

Xiaobian thinks this is not KD11 plus lbj15, it is also a bit like KD6, the key is to use the MAX270 atmospheric column, friends think how, Anyway, Xiaobian is not very satisfied.

Lebron 16 Black Red Configuration How to

Upper Battleknit 2.0, on the basis of LBJ15, this can be judged by itself, [ 123]

As for the middle bottom, it should be the match of React + Zoommax. Treatment,

After all, LBJ15 anti-side turns is still a problem with many small partners. The configuration is almost like this, but finally I still want to say is that

followed by the processing looks particularly like Lebron 3

Nike Af1 Low \\\”Patchwork\\\” When is the NIKE AF1 LOW \\\”Patchwork\\\” is good?

Nike Air Force 1 Series 35 years old this year, Nike Take this added new work for the Air Force 1 series, this pair of color is \\\”PatchWork\\\” Air Force 1, it is a continuation of classic Air Force 1 shoe. So when Nike Af1 Low \\\”Patchwork\\\” is released? Let\’s take a look.

Nike Metcon Women

AF1 LOW \\\”PatchWork\\\” When I offer

It is reported that the shoe is expected to start in the nearby designated store in NIKE in the near future. Please pay attention!

Interested small partners can pay attention to one

Nike Men Shoes

, Xiaobian will be reported to you in the first time.

Nike Af1 Low \\\”PatchWork\\\” Good-looking

Nike Zip Up Hoodie Womns

Continued classic black leather shoers with the combination of the midsole, especially The stripes of the middle rear end are stringed, and the garment and thousands of bird patterns, the left and right sides and insoles are presented in an asymmetric manner.

Xiaobian always thinks that the AF1 shoes have excellent texture, but this pair seems to be better.

The value is a high color value, no longer monochromatic adjustment

NIKE AF1 LOW \\\”patchwork\\\” is worth Start?

Xiaobian feels that you can start, everyone knows everyone, Xiaobian will no longer adjust it, it feels good.

Hayward generation alone white color sale information Hayward generation design inspiration source

Anta\’s latest signature shoes Hayward generation Xiaobian is still looking forward to selling, recently has a pair of new color shoes Hayward generation of monk color, then this pair of sea wastles


When is the generation of generations? Let\’s take a look at the information about Haido generation.

Hayward generation alone white color release information

This double color color value is still OK, it is very simple, suitable for

Nike Shoes Cute

like low-key friends.

At present, Xiaobian learned that this pair of sea Ward 1 generation GH1-monologue color will be officially released on the 7th, on the 27th, as for the price, there is currently not informed, friends like the small partner You can pay more attention.

What is the source of Haver\’s generation

The idea of \\u200b\\u200bshoes styling comes from Hayward\’s favorite

Mens Nike Shoes

: Tiger . On the body of Hayward, you can see the elements of a lot of tiger: the shape of the sole is similar to the meat pad of the tiger foot. The upper uses the tiger\’s streak, and after smartly uses the logo of Anta as a stupid as the shoes. .

Hayward generation and flashing 6 which is good

For these two pairs of shoes, the small partners around you say this, take Hayward generation and flash 6 Put it in front of me, I am sure to choose a flash 6, and my eyes are not blind. People are good, it is a NBA star, is it good to be good? Your product is not mentioned, but also talk about the gap between Adi Nike. KT4 is only suitable for jumping players, KT3 in my mind is the peak of Anta basketball shoes, but you put Li Ning\’s Shuai 11 out, and who

Yeezy 700 Teal Blue Offers information Coconut 700 magnet and water duck? Which is good

Coconut 700 shoes are still very powerful this year, constantly exposed new color matching, the magnets in the past few days have not fully digested, today I have exploded the new Yeezy 700 Teal Blue

Nike Shoes Kyrie

Color, and Teal Blue is also the flock of 2019. Let\’s take a look at you with Xiaobian.


Let\’s take a look at the rendering diagram of this Double Yeezy 700 Teal Blue, this new shoe part is injected into gray And the lace part uses a contrast bright orange, and the rest is decorated with a darkness of different grays

Nike Shoes 2021 Women\’s\’s

top view, orange The lace is still very eye-catching Ha

This pair of \\\”TEAL Blue\\\” will be released in autumn, the price is still ¥ 2599 yuan, more physical maps we will continue to pay attention .

Coconut 700 magnet

Nike iphone 11 case

and water duck blue which looks

About the coconut 700 magnet color, the shoes have exploded the shoes Take a real map, come together: the shoe body uses a black shoe, light gray shoe collar, bright gray shoes and beige lining, the whole body is in multiple colors, still very personal [123

Two pairs of shoes contrast, Xiaobian prefer water blue color, it looks more dirty, and This pair of Eezy 700 magnet color color will be available in September, you can consider it first.

YEEZY 700 and 500 which is more suitable for boys

Yeezy 500 I think Yeezy 500 \\\”salt\\\” This is the best, gray shoe is like a mechanical armor General presence; for 700, I think that the reflection of Yeezy 700 V2 is cool. Which of the YEEZY500 and YEEZY700 is suitable for boys, my favorite is the Yeezy 700 series of shoes, which is the most beautiful coconut in your heart?

The last thing is the shoe code AJ42 code that coconut line will have a big half size or a code 42.5 and 43, I recommend get a big one code 43

帅 13 䨻 offer information 驭 帅 13 four thunder version physical map

Li Ning Shuai 13 Whether it is a color or actual combat, it is quite good. At present, the ordinary version has been listed, and the Shuai 14 Fi Lei version has not yet been listed, and many netizens are looking forward to the sale of 13 䨻, is expected. It is in September this year. If you are interested, you can look at the \\\”Shuai 13 four thunder version of this site, I hope everyone will like it.

帅 13 䨻 offer information

forecast September 10.

Currently, I can know the handsome 13 ordinary version, the price is 799, now the market price is 60% off, that is, 480.

帅 13 䨻 version, use a shaped carbon board, all-in-law technology, shoe box and Wade\’s road 7, split shoe box, and dust bag.

If you are free to find a four-year version of the 13th of Taobao, I found a pre-sale, the result is 1399, is Nima? Is it true?

Xiaobian personal prediction, 1299 or 1099 secondary market 800-900, of course

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 men

Li Ning engaged in things, what to limit 200 pairs You know.

Li Ning\’s marketing strategy really didn\’t understand. Wow7 In addition to the color of the black gold before the color of the color, WOW7 has no original price to start the original price. The star fault, Wade career, CJ\’s signature shoes, no one after CJ. What is the brand positioning? Now I feel that the focus is on the tide card, and there are few propaganda of routine sports.

帅 13 four thunder version physical map

black red

translucent black outsourcing

Nike Spandex

Wrapped in the middle of the big red, look at it is a colorful willow knife, including a variety of lines, details and sincerity of the big carbon board, all of which have the same texture of this pair of shoes.


CJ Mai Caprum China row again, one pair of handsome 13 \\u0026 # 39; Rose City \\u0026 # 39; color matching, this version of the version of the Shuai 13 is really itching!

Gray white


A actual combat, no matter whether the package or foot feel is praised, it is a series of competing with HD, looking forward to the version

In terms of materials, Beng material is still unknown. I think 13 more looks better, and individuals don\’t enjoy the flattening of Kd shoe. If the same price is in the same period, I am willing to support a wave of Li Ning.

Shoes can look at the materials and structures, but it is not excellent, it is necessary to repeated testing and intensive, and finally presented the cushioning, support, parcel fitting, non-slip, anti-striking What is the degree of indicator complement, you have to get your feet.

What is the difference between 帅 13 ordinary version and Fi thunder

帅 十 十 普 普 版 中 中 端 端 端 货 货 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 货 货 是 是 是 是 是 是 是 是Down, cost control, actually, the sideways of the 13th side of the 13th side, the control of the material, the form of control materials will be

Black Nike Socks

, but the problem is to reduce the soft glossy sensation of the feet. When selling, I will suffer, after all, most people\’s requirements for so-called good shoes are to be soft, and those who really understand some shoes or people who have a big sports intensity require it. You can see the sound seven. Sales will know. And this 䨻 version, large-scale carbon board, imported upper woven material, PEBAX foamed material cover, this is to design the real depth player, the effect, wait until it offers a circle of evaluation, current design It\’s so language.

According to Zhou Shijie interviewed, the working hours of the shaped carbon plates were four times, and the production capacity of the Filar did also have problems and Li Ning was changing the factory. Limited is almost a matter of staples.

The carbon board that has also been used in front of the series, the price is 699 or 799, Li Ning\’s latest slowtick and other technologies will be used in the hands and handsome, and the segment is higher than the sound. This time the ordinary version is actually Lightfoam, and 䨻 versions are estimated more than one star half point than the performance, or after the sound speed, this technology is installed. After that, after the retirement of Wade, use the science and technology to take the price of the handsome and hands. Before the street signature shoes, let the goods, play a wave of color, the secondary market price is estimated that there is no low.

Kobe AD NXT FF Spy photos Kobe AD NXT FF Offers

Kobe AD NXT FF spy photos exposure, this time is a very avant-garde design, there is a feeling of dissemination, this is the new generation of Kobe, some netizens think it is NXT + 33 + KD12, the price standard is 1499 yuan, Don\’t say nonsense, sit and wait! Below, let\’s take a look at the Kobe AD NXT FF spy photos and related configuration.

Kobe AD NXT FF spy photos

Kobe NXT FF, this adopts very avant-garde design. The entire shoe is wrapped under a white hot melt plastic surface, and the upper is even a little release style of OFF WHITE. Labondi-User\’s latest quad fit.

As early as rumors say this Kobe NXT will adopt Fast Fit\’s non-lacered system. From this spy photos, the rumors before

Nike Running SHOES for Men

are indeed right. The Fast Fit adjustment device above the palm is very obvious. If you block your shoe, this pair of shoe is very similar to the AJ33 SE.

Kobe AD

Kids Nike Shoes

NXT FF configuration?

This NXT FF is seen from the design, More and more unlike a pair of traditional Kobe shoes. Not only is a pair of high-top shoes and a strap is also designed above the shoes. Kobe I have always preferred a low-handed shoes. In addition to the straps, I will think of ZOOM Kobe2, the outer black support reminds me of Kobe 10 carbon board, I totally I don\’t know the signature of this pair of shoes with Kobe what relationship. Ali and Mango said that this pair of shoes is even like KD12, and I still haven\’t seen it, but I have to say that this pair of shoes is a pair of KD\’s signature shoes. I think it is still slightly.

Rumet, this time the NXT FF is part of the whole palm. And the Fast Fit is inlaid into the middle, according to the propaganda painting, it can be seen that the insole portion is spliced \\u200b\\u200bby the two separate midsole splices, and the operation may also be similar to NXT 360.

Maybe we will see the world\’s most complex ball shoes in this pair of shoes.

Said back to Nike Kobe NXT series, since Kobe has left the stadium, then let Kobe and the public who like this pair of shoes are not the positioning and standard of this product.

for pre-The price of this double Kobe NXT FF in 1399 We can see that Nike is the direction of future shoes design and development: lightweight, flexible, more and more convenient lace experience, the midsole and insole two is one system.

NXT is like the concept car of Nike direct mass production, the market reaction is not good, but has been refreshing the proposition of \\\”What should be like the future\\\”.

As I personally, the good feeling of NXT has always existed.I

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Kids

Do not want all the shoes manufacturers to make money to make the endorsement to engage in marketing, we are eager to have the perspective of future products, and changing the desire of the world.

If someone can pull out a product like the iPhone 4 in the balloon market, it is more great than Jobs.

Kobe AD NXT FF Offer Information

User broke the news of Bohibo new generation boots Nike Kobe ad nxt ff

Fastfit system

Axial Flywire

On August 24, 2019

Official Sserves: ¥ 1399