Hayward generation alone white color sale information Hayward generation design inspiration source

Anta\’s latest signature shoes Hayward generation Xiaobian is still looking forward to selling, recently has a pair of new color shoes Hayward generation of monk color, then this pair of sea wastles


When is the generation of generations? Let\’s take a look at the information about Haido generation.

Hayward generation alone white color release information

This double color color value is still OK, it is very simple, suitable for

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like low-key friends.

At present, Xiaobian learned that this pair of sea Ward 1 generation GH1-monologue color will be officially released on the 7th, on the 27th, as for the price, there is currently not informed, friends like the small partner You can pay more attention.

What is the source of Haver\’s generation

The idea of \\u200b\\u200bshoes styling comes from Hayward\’s favorite

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: Tiger . On the body of Hayward, you can see the elements of a lot of tiger: the shape of the sole is similar to the meat pad of the tiger foot. The upper uses the tiger\’s streak, and after smartly uses the logo of Anta as a stupid as the shoes. .

Hayward generation and flashing 6 which is good

For these two pairs of shoes, the small partners around you say this, take Hayward generation and flash 6 Put it in front of me, I am sure to choose a flash 6, and my eyes are not blind. People are good, it is a NBA star, is it good to be good? Your product is not mentioned, but also talk about the gap between Adi Nike. KT4 is only suitable for jumping players, KT3 in my mind is the peak of Anta basketball shoes, but you put Li Ning\’s Shuai 11 out, and who