Letter brother\’s first personal boots Zoom Freak 1 debut

As everyone knows more and more NBA events, Nike and other sports brands are also seized opportunities, and they have launched the signature of all the stars, which makes many fans to contact their favorite players. \\\” A touch of shoes. Recently, the letter brother\’s first signature balloon Nike Zoom FRE

Nike Black Socks

AK 1 released the sale of the news. Let\’s take a look.

What The the is coming again! ? This time is \\\”

Nike Shoes Canada

Letter Brother\\\” first signature shoes!

The first personal boots in the first personal boots of the first personal boots in the summer of this summer, ushered in special color match!

Sole body with asymmetrical 鸳

Nike Jacket

Dress Unsman, Lace, Lining, Tongly Logo, etc. point. Although the official color name has not been announced, it is based on the specification, it is called what the color is not too!

NIKEZOOM FREAK 1 sale information

It will be officially released on January 10, 2020, priced for $ 120, it is expected to be sold in the country, asymmetric Dress up, the price setting of the people, the little friends, you can pay more attention!

ZOOM FREAK 1 release date: January 10/01/2017

Who is the letter brother?

Giannis ANTOKOUNMPO, born on Decets, Greece, Greece, Greece, During 3 December 1994 NBA Milwaukee Stroke Team.

Yangnis Ado Kunbo entered the NBA in 2013, the new show is selected for the second lineup of the best new show lineup, and the fastest player in 2016-17 will be selected, and the second lineup is selected. And the best defensive lineup second lineup, 2 times in all star lineup. The 2017-18 season won the annual best dunk award. The first lineup of the first lineup of the best lineup and the first lineup of the best defensive lineup; 3 times in the NBA all-star lineup.

On January 25, 2019, the first list of 2019 Charlotte All-Star Tournament was selected and became the eastern captain.

Why is Yangnis Antto Kunbo called a letter brother?

Nice Antto Kunbo (GiannisanteThe name letter of Tokounmpo and it is difficult to spell, which is called \\\”Thealphabet\\\” by many fans who like his fans.