How to evaluate the Warriors of Durant to join the next season?

A awakening, the league is giant. Durant, Owen and Xiao Jordam will join the Net, although Durant\’s injury is an unknown, but the Netbed is a big winner in the free market overnight. In fact, for the Warriors, Durant\’s departure is also a Good news, because they will leave the original class, a little supplement, the team\’s combat power is still very good.

How to evaluate Durant to join the basket

July 1

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Day, the NBA free market gate is finally opened! So, the NBA teams have been operated, and they are robbed in the free market! Among them, the basket team has become the biggest winner at present!

Durant has reached an agreement in 4 years, and Durant has announced its own media! European 4 years $ 142 million signing basket network, the fourth year of player options! Xiao Jordan will also join the Net Network, Temple Join the Net Network!

During the night, the basketball team only returned to the seasons last season, it became the popular team! Composed Durant, Ou Wen, Xiaogadan Third Giants!

This contract is risky, but I think it is worth it, because he is Durant, it is worth waiting for a year. Owen is also very young. Owen and Durant came out to play together in all-star weekend, now it is a reality!

Owen has a belongs to the end after the end of the season, first change the broker company, and transfer the brand company of the Nets. Owen has always wanted to prove that he serves as a leader, the next season is the best time! Since Durant needs to fight for one year, the basket network is just the game team next season!

The Nets are eager to seek in the past, leading to the team to experience a long reconstruction period. This basketball team is rough and does not hesitate to sign Durant. On the contrary, the first Knicks in the team market actually hesitated to give Durant full ahead, so Knicks made upless years without color! The empty city has not yet!

Durant, Owen Join the Net Network, which means that the third giant of the Lakers has only Badler and small cards! The Net Network is now in the future, and they will have dominant in the east in the next few years. The next season may be like the Kide period, the strong rise, and rush into the finals!

Finally, it is difficult to imagine that the same team has 2 top scorpions!

How to make up the next season

Now Durant has reached an oral promise to join the basket, but just wastake the god broke out Durant considering first sign The net, that is, Durant will first have a contract with the Warriors for 5 years of contracts, then reach a transaction with the Net. If the Warrior gets the right trading chip of the basket, I will win Ding Wansi, Harris and Jia. Be in turnThe top-ray players like Te Allen, they still have the strength of rushing crown.

If Durant naked signs

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, then the warrior is very passive, they will continue to renew the team behind Clay The remaining salary is not much, first of all, they can consider the renewal of Cousins, then renew Jarumi, and then find ways to remember the replacement seat in the free market. Their substitute is too weak, although Loss of Durant after the warrior The championship has not been so stable before, but they still keep the three giants of the 73 victory, the core is still, they still have competitiveness.

I think the Warriors can try to do some transactions, although she is reluctant, but in order to win, they can also consider it, they can trade Idoda to the team to get appropriate Talent players went to cultivate, next season Claila was repeated after the all-star, the Kuri monocontrol team, I think they take time to cultivate the potential player.

Net network crazy signed actions

First, such a signing of the Brooklyn Net of the Brooklyn Net is full of hope, they have three giants, and the strength cannot be synonymous. Owen is an alliance of a number of point guards. His technique can almost use a god into

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. Xiao Jordan is also a center of alliances, Durant is more unnecessary, he is a super superstar of the league number.

Second, the signing of the Net Network is also full of risks. Owen did not succeed in the two seasons of the Celtics, which also prove that Owen is not suitable for a leader. Of course, in the lineup of the Net, Durant is the core character of the people, but who can guarantee that Owen will be willing to be willing. In addition, Xiao Jordan\’s technology has a big defect. He is a traditional center. The most important score means is to eat cake. He is not successful in Paul, you can be around I. Durant is the biggest risk. The Nets should first buy a single year for Durant. He is broken by the tendon. After paying, it cannot be sure what will be made.

In any case, risks and interests are coexisting, the Net has become the biggest winner in this summer free market, although I don\’t know if it will succeed, but at least they have successful Hope. As the same city, Knicks is more sad, they are busy for a season, and they are prioritized by the brothers.