Ub4.0 \\\”show your stripes\\\” spy photos Share Adi UB4.0 \\\”Show your stripes\\\” release date

As one of the hottest running shoes, the upcoming Adidas Ultraboost 4.0 is destined to have received attention. Recently, ADIDAS Ultraboost 4.0 called Silver Metallic is exposed. Adi UB4.0 has been widely concerned from the listing, and the black technology equipped with the two running shoes is very much. The following fun network Xiaobian will take a small partner to see how this pair of shoes.

UB4.0 \\\”Show your stripes\\\” spy photos sharing

The shoe upper is woven by Primeknit, which is made of stable dark gray. The largest highlight non-silver

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Reflective Three Stripes Mo, forming a brightly fodder with upper

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highlights the most representative of the brand Sign. In addition, the bottom of Boost, the outer bottom of the Continental rubber is white, both of which are all integrated.

Adi UB4.0 \\\”SHOW Your Stripes\\\” released date

It is reported that the shoe will be available in August 2018, priced at $ 200.

Adidas UB4.0 how

Big brand is the most peaceful thing to have new shoes, which is also in line with modern people to pursue fresh feelings. The information of Adidas UB4.0 has emerged, which has no doubt that many people are particularly excited. This series of shoes themselves are very classic. It is very beautiful and practical in the details, so many people think that its cost is very high, especially It is very suitable for running or daily exercise.

In the design of Adidas UB4.0, some breakthroughs have also made some breakthroughs, with its white color classic as an example, in the fabric design of the body of the body. Designed, and the line of the fabric

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has a more basic change, so it is visually increased the texture of the shoes, and such a design has a good breathable effect, and the comfortable wearing can be obtained. Assure. At the same time, the technology in the bottom of the sole also made Adidas Boost4.0 shoes to continue in the shape of the shape and the shelter of the shoe, so the functionality of the shoes is still very perfect.

Match some of the Adidas Boost4.0 classic upper LOGO and the design of the support frame make this shoe a red shoe that I want to buy. From functionally, the shoes also have good wrapped, the design of the fabric in the shoe also makes the shoes wear on the feet.Get good guarantees.In addition, from some design concepts of Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0, there will be a lot of very resistant color matching to be careful.

This Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 stepped on the rebound effect of the feet will probably make many consumers trying to don\’t forget, it is indeed a very rare experience, in the spring and summer season, this is youThe best partner.