Nike Af1 Low \\\”Patchwork\\\” When is the NIKE AF1 LOW \\\”Patchwork\\\” is good?

Nike Air Force 1 Series 35 years old this year, Nike Take this added new work for the Air Force 1 series, this pair of color is \\\”PatchWork\\\” Air Force 1, it is a continuation of classic Air Force 1 shoe. So when Nike Af1 Low \\\”Patchwork\\\” is released? Let\’s take a look.

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AF1 LOW \\\”PatchWork\\\” When I offer

It is reported that the shoe is expected to start in the nearby designated store in NIKE in the near future. Please pay attention!

Interested small partners can pay attention to one

Nike Men Shoes

, Xiaobian will be reported to you in the first time.

Nike Af1 Low \\\”PatchWork\\\” Good-looking

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Continued classic black leather shoers with the combination of the midsole, especially The stripes of the middle rear end are stringed, and the garment and thousands of bird patterns, the left and right sides and insoles are presented in an asymmetric manner.

Xiaobian always thinks that the AF1 shoes have excellent texture, but this pair seems to be better.

The value is a high color value, no longer monochromatic adjustment

NIKE AF1 LOW \\\”patchwork\\\” is worth Start?

Xiaobian feels that you can start, everyone knows everyone, Xiaobian will no longer adjust it, it feels good.

Yeezy 700 Teal Blue Offers information Coconut 700 magnet and water duck? Which is good

Coconut 700 shoes are still very powerful this year, constantly exposed new color matching, the magnets in the past few days have not fully digested, today I have exploded the new Yeezy 700 Teal Blue

Nike Shoes Kyrie

Color, and Teal Blue is also the flock of 2019. Let\’s take a look at you with Xiaobian.


Let\’s take a look at the rendering diagram of this Double Yeezy 700 Teal Blue, this new shoe part is injected into gray And the lace part uses a contrast bright orange, and the rest is decorated with a darkness of different grays

Nike Shoes 2021 Women\’s\’s

top view, orange The lace is still very eye-catching Ha

This pair of \\\”TEAL Blue\\\” will be released in autumn, the price is still ¥ 2599 yuan, more physical maps we will continue to pay attention .

Coconut 700 magnet

Nike iphone 11 case

and water duck blue which looks

About the coconut 700 magnet color, the shoes have exploded the shoes Take a real map, come together: the shoe body uses a black shoe, light gray shoe collar, bright gray shoes and beige lining, the whole body is in multiple colors, still very personal [123

Two pairs of shoes contrast, Xiaobian prefer water blue color, it looks more dirty, and This pair of Eezy 700 magnet color color will be available in September, you can consider it first.

YEEZY 700 and 500 which is more suitable for boys

Yeezy 500 I think Yeezy 500 \\\”salt\\\” This is the best, gray shoe is like a mechanical armor General presence; for 700, I think that the reflection of Yeezy 700 V2 is cool. Which of the YEEZY500 and YEEZY700 is suitable for boys, my favorite is the Yeezy 700 series of shoes, which is the most beautiful coconut in your heart?

The last thing is the shoe code AJ42 code that coconut line will have a big half size or a code 42.5 and 43, I recommend get a big one code 43