AJ1 wicked purple where to buy AJ1 purple toe 2020 how much

The previous AJ1 wicked purple color has been warmly concerned from many small friends since the exposure. Many tide shoes players have directly expressed their hearts, and they want to start this AJ1 wicked purple color. Many small friends have privately asked Xiaobian AJ1 wicked purple to buy? How much is AJ1 wicked purple 2020? Let\’s take a look at everyone!

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\\\”Court Purple\\\” latest real detail appreciation

White shoes with black, white, and purple as main tones, Structure The same as the classic Chicago color, the original red portion is changed to purple filled, and the main body exhibits white purple adjustment.

The upper material is made of classic litchi skin with a more delicate leather material, and the body is solid, and it can be seen that the overall workmanship is excellent.

Detail side with black Nike Swoosh logo, shoes to help the classic flying wing LOGO also appeared in black effect.

The details of the whole double shoe have been very calm, but because of the full purple blessing, the whole pair of shoes are on foot.

Air Jordan 1 High OG \\\”Court Purple\\\” Offers

It is reported that this new color match will be officially released on April 4, 2020, priced at $ 170. Like a small friend can pay more attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

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GH OG \\\”Court Purple\\\”

Item No .: 555088-500

Offer Date: April 4, 2020 Day

How to repair

1. First, you have to prepare an iron and two towels, towels To be a wet, don\’t drop the water, screw one slightly, another piece of tide, don\’t do it too much.

2. After the hand, the towel is plugged to the shoe portion, and use your hand to resist the pleats in the towel, hard to make him in a tight state, after you are taking [123 ] NIKE H Shoes

Wet hair towards wall.

3. Finally, I iron with the iron, and the time should not be too long, and I have the following, about 10 seconds. It is basically a few seconds to open the towel to see the effect, and the effect is not satisfied.Ironing.