AJ1 black green toe sale time AJ1 black green toe how much money

The most worthwhile shoes recently is nothing more than AJ1 black and green toes and AJ1 black purple

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toes, now the date is getting closer and closer, recently online also exposed the latest The physical map and related information of the AJ1 black and green toe, then when did this double-selling AJ1 black green ankle for sale? How much is the AJ1 black green toe? Let\’s take a look at the relevant information about the AJ1 black green toe together with the Xiaobian of interest.

AJ1 black green toe release time

The latest news said that this coloring will be officially released on September 22, we will continue to pay attention and bring follow-up reports! Air Jordan 1 \\\”Pine Green\\\” Item No .: 55508-302 Off Sales: On September 22, there are many small partners who are concerned about the AJ1 black and green foot toe. It is regrettable to tell everyone, AJ1 black and green feet

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no female code

How much is the black green toe?

Official AJ1 offer is $ 160, equivalent RMB is almost about 1000 yuan, but now the domestic call is so high, the volume is not much, the price is definitely a rising

Let\’s take a look at the latest physical details of An Aj1 black green toe [123 ]

Do you accept this green?

Walking on the street should be good, and green is also extremely popular this year, compared to black red toes Winning.

AJ1 black green foot toe is large?

Xiaofei\’s AJ1 black green foot toe is not much

and there will be autumn immediately. , The most

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Near AJ1 is also a silent price increase, now this shoe\’s market is almost about 2500

There is still no announcement in the domestic release date, I don\’t know Is it going on the same day, we still continue to pay attention