AJ34 picture design exposure AJ34 will debut in the men\’s basketball team semi-final?

About this pair of AJ34 everyone has been looking forward to a long time, there is no picture of the picture and the actual news, and has finally exposed a pair of silhouette pictures, how is this pair of AJ34 design? Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian.

AJ34 picture design exposure

Let\’s take a look at the picture of the online exposure. At present, there are not many information, you can see, the breathable effect is still very good.

The picture below is the physical effect picture of netizen P, as for the long life, waiting for the official propaganda.

How to evaluate the picture of AJ34 exposure

This side window is a bit like a honeycomb cushioning

in the middle, intermediate hollow, I don\’t know if there is any carbon board, but the strength of TPU anti-meticulum should be insufficient

plus the thickness of the front and rear air chamber, it should be the front zoom AIR configuration, a bit similar to the previous generation of James shoes [ 123]

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The should be too high, easy to roll, and the upper looks very thin, if the anti-side turn is not very good if there is no TPU reinforcement

It is still seen that these, or other physical photos

AJ34 will be in the men\’s basketball World Cup

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At present, many small partners are looking forward to the appearance of this pair of AJ34, but there is no one on the men\’s basketball World Cup, but some small partners speculate is expected to appear in the men\’s basketball World Cup semi-final. As for the time

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We still wait together.