Kobe AD NXT FF Spy photos Kobe AD NXT FF Offers

Kobe AD NXT FF spy photos exposure, this time is a very avant-garde design, there is a feeling of dissemination, this is the new generation of Kobe, some netizens think it is NXT + 33 + KD12, the price standard is 1499 yuan, Don\’t say nonsense, sit and wait! Below, let\’s take a look at the Kobe AD NXT FF spy photos and related configuration.

Kobe AD NXT FF spy photos

Kobe NXT FF, this adopts very avant-garde design. The entire shoe is wrapped under a white hot melt plastic surface, and the upper is even a little release style of OFF WHITE. Labondi-User\’s latest quad fit.

As early as rumors say this Kobe NXT will adopt Fast Fit\’s non-lacered system. From this spy photos, the rumors before

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are indeed right. The Fast Fit adjustment device above the palm is very obvious. If you block your shoe, this pair of shoe is very similar to the AJ33 SE.

Kobe AD

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NXT FF configuration?

This NXT FF is seen from the design, More and more unlike a pair of traditional Kobe shoes. Not only is a pair of high-top shoes and a strap is also designed above the shoes. Kobe I have always preferred a low-handed shoes. In addition to the straps, I will think of ZOOM Kobe2, the outer black support reminds me of Kobe 10 carbon board, I totally I don\’t know the signature of this pair of shoes with Kobe what relationship. Ali and Mango said that this pair of shoes is even like KD12, and I still haven\’t seen it, but I have to say that this pair of shoes is a pair of KD\’s signature shoes. I think it is still slightly.

Rumet, this time the NXT FF is part of the whole palm. And the Fast Fit is inlaid into the middle, according to the propaganda painting, it can be seen that the insole portion is spliced \\u200b\\u200bby the two separate midsole splices, and the operation may also be similar to NXT 360.

Maybe we will see the world\’s most complex ball shoes in this pair of shoes.

Said back to Nike Kobe NXT series, since Kobe has left the stadium, then let Kobe and the public who like this pair of shoes are not the positioning and standard of this product.

for pre-The price of this double Kobe NXT FF in 1399 We can see that Nike is the direction of future shoes design and development: lightweight, flexible, more and more convenient lace experience, the midsole and insole two is one system.

NXT is like the concept car of Nike direct mass production, the market reaction is not good, but has been refreshing the proposition of \\\”What should be like the future\\\”.

As I personally, the good feeling of NXT has always existed.I

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Do not want all the shoes manufacturers to make money to make the endorsement to engage in marketing, we are eager to have the perspective of future products, and changing the desire of the world.

If someone can pull out a product like the iPhone 4 in the balloon market, it is more great than Jobs.

Kobe AD NXT FF Offer Information

User broke the news of Bohibo new generation boots Nike Kobe ad nxt ff

Fastfit system

Axial Flywire

On August 24, 2019

Official Sserves: ¥ 1399

When is the eyebrow, when is the eyebrow?

Recently, the news of the eyebrows attracted a lot of fans\’ concerns. Previously, they had a habit of wearing shoulders because of injury, and recently injured and missed the competition. In the absence of the eyebrows, this village is in the absence of the competition. Let\’s take a look!

When is the eyebrow comes back

Recently, the eyebrows responded when carrying out rehabilitation training, expecting to come out in March this year. In the injured days, the eyebrows are doing recovery training every day, but there is no specific target copy date. The eyebrow personally admitted that he and the team worked hard to make yourself to come back after all-star game, hope that you can recover soon!

When is the eyebrow injured

Many fans want to know when the eyebrows are injured, and how come

Nike Shoes Womens Air Force [123 ]injured. Because I didn\’t see the intense confrontation in this period. In fact, the eyebrows have been comparable to glass, so unexpected injuries

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is very large. Basketball is very high, which is much more high, and it is much more contacted and non-contact, which is similar, and it may be more injured in contact.

The latest news of the eyebrows

According to the latest detection results, the right hedge of the eyebrows is very serious, but it is good to tear the tear, etc. Love


, although there is a problem such as swelling, the overall problem is not big. However, although there is no major injury in this season, there is no shortcomings. The eyebrows have accumulated 8 large and small injuries, and they will be in the same time. It is better to take a break, after all, Du Xiaoshuai\’s bloody example is there, the Lake people should I have a light weight.

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