LBJ17 new colorful color matching LBJ17 air cushion is easy to explode?

Recently, Nike launched an LBJ17 new color color. This brand new color shoe is mainly black-oriented, using colorful braid outline, look very cool! How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you together!

LBJ17 new colorful color matching real appreciation

Recently, a new color nike lebron 17 \\\”James Gang\\\” official map is released.

This pair of shoes is the theme of \\\”James Gang\\\”), and the body is tone as black, and the wave decoration style is made from the side of the color. There is Lebron logo, James Gang red embroidery sign on the front end of the tongue, decorated with lion dull, red eyes to the whole double shoe painting dragon.

This color detail design is also very clever, with color decoration on the shell, the insole echoes, the middle end is also echoing ink, the overall design is very expensive!

LBJ17 new color color sale

It is reported that this new color match will be released overseas tomorrow, and the specific release information has not been released in China. Like

Brazers Nike

can pay more attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention!

Nike Lebron 17 \\\”James Gang\\\”

February 21

Offers: $ 200

Item No .: BQ3177-005 (Male ) / Bq5594-005 (female model)

LBJ17 air cushion is easy to explode

Nike Jacket

General situation is not easy to explode The air cushion exploded the quality problem.

Contrast James 16th generation, it uses a total Zoom air cushion, and James 17 generations are different, the front palm is composed of two separate air cushions, whether it is in terms of starting speed It has improved, after all, the rebound effect of the two air cushions is very significant, which is also the cost-effective performance of the title! NikeBron James 17-generation boots, with a high-cost Lebron Witness series, the first listing, the body is built, and there is a new idea of \\u200b\\u200bdifferent color tone splicing textures, let people look bright, and then with the domineering lion embossed It meets the Zhanhuang style, the momentum burst, the upper support reinforcement and the front palm of the zoom air cushion, ensuring performance.

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LeBron James (LebronJames), born on December 30, 1984, was born in Akron, OHIO, USA, USA, American Professional Basketball Player, Division, Supreme Sweet, Jiji, Trend, Emperor\’s Los Angeles

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