Air MAX 90 new white blue color sale Air Max 90 is suitable for fat?

Recently, in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of Air Max 90, Nike previously launched a variety of color colors. Recently Nike has launched an AIR MAX 90 new white blue color, this brand new color is very fresh and bright! How is the specific situation, let\’s take a look at you together!

AIR MAX 90 new white blue coloring type

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As a Nike Air Max 90 shoe birth Ten anniversary commemoration. Focusing on this classic footwear, many eye-catching colors are officially available. With this year, Air Max Day is approaching, more new color colors have also begun to emerge. Recently, there is a full exposure of a new colored official map. The whole double shoe is made up of white, and the upper material created by the mesh material exhibits full retro temperament. The shoehead and the side are made of light blue, and the reinforcing part around the lace hole uses Tiffany blue, and it has laid a small fresh foundation for the whole double shoe.


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90 new white blue color sale

At present, this new color match has not released specific release information, liked Little friends may wish to pay more attention, Xiaobian

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will continue to pay attention!

Air MAX 90 is suitable for fat?

Suitable! Air Max 90 itself is very fashionable, in addition, fashion is not big in body fat, as long as you will match, it is still a bright cheerful or sister!

How to match clothes

Fat people should choose straight-through, loose version, reduce visual lateral impact, give people a feeling of one. The match should be selected, or the big round neck, show the neck to make long, cover the belly with loose coat, and the leaf sleeve can cover the flesh of the arms. Color chooses, blue, black, fully absorbed, visual is thin, or select color gorge adding, showing vitality. There is no choice of intermediate color.