James 16 Black Red When is the sale of Lebron 16 black?

Not long ago, Xiaobian announced James 16 black spy photos, Xiaobian told everyone to don\’t worry,

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It will soon meet it. In the latest offer arrangement released by Foot Locker

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, James 16 black red release time is determined, then when James 16 is on sale? Let\’s take a look.

When is James 16 Black Red

Recently, the latest release schedule released by Foot Locker, this Zhan Huang\’s latest translation

J Balvin Nike Shoes Release Date

The series confirmed the date of sale will be officially released on September 20.

Unfortunately, the current relationship price and details have not been exploded. Interested partners can pay attention, Xiaobian will continue to pay attention.

LeBron 16 black and beautiful?

Xiaobian thinks this is not KD11 plus lbj15, it is also a bit like KD6, the key is to use the MAX270 atmospheric column, friends think how, Anyway, Xiaobian is not very satisfied.

Lebron 16 Black Red Configuration How to

Upper Battleknit 2.0, on the basis of LBJ15, this can be judged by itself, [ 123]

As for the middle bottom, it should be the match of React + Zoommax. Treatment,

After all, LBJ15 anti-side turns is still a problem with many small partners. The configuration is almost like this, but finally I still want to say is that

followed by the processing looks particularly like Lebron 3