AJ3 Spurs theme color matching spy photos exposure AJ3 Spurs coloring physical appreciation

AJ3 series seems to be the most hot in the impression of the white cement, and in 2017, NIKE\’s attention to AJ3 is not high, recently, online sudden exposure of a set of AJ3 spurs themes According to Xiao, Xiaobian thought it was Nike suddenly remembered

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AJ3, I didn\’t expect to be a personal creation, but it is also worth seeing. Let\’s take a look at the spy photos together.

AJ3 Spurs Theme Color Spider

Recently, the shoes custom artist @ Andr3WTL is inherently inserted in the 1990s Spurs competition training, especially produced a pair of AIR Jordan 3 \\\”spurs\\\”!

How is the AJ3 Spurs The theme color

This pair of AJ3 uses the black and white dress with the clothing, the body, the body and the midsole detail, the powder, blue, Orange tricolor colorful dress is embellished, and the Spurs and \\\”Spurs\\\” is presented in the tongue and shoes. The overall color scheme is extremely high, and the retro charm is full!



Historical deeds

Air Jordan 3 was listed at the end of 1987, by the same name at the time. The passed the designer Tinker Hatfield is designed to be designed, push

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. Air Jordan 3 should be reduced by Jordan to reduce the height of the upper, the shoe body has joined the burst element of the decorative effect, and used the classic brief Jumpman logo; the middle has adopted the front and rear separation air sole, and innovative uses the back Visualized gas pad, not only has shock absorbing and stability, but also improved beauty. Jordan has achieved a regular season MVP in the 1987-1988 season, and the year\’s best defenders were selected for the first time in the first time of NBA, and I got MVP in all-star games and won the buckle competition. Nike has taken the first TV commercial more AIR Jordan, and the famous Black Director Spike Lee appears in the film and attracts numerous followers. According to the vote of the ESPN TV audience, Air Jordan 3 was rated as the greatest shoes in history.