Breaking two glasses of shoes, new brightenic color matching, selling two glasses, how to

Nike launched broken 2 series running shoes attracted many people\’s attention, the professional and practicality of this running shoes were a lot of friends. Recently, Nike has launched a new brightenic color color, how is the specific situation, let Xiaobian lead everyone together to take a look!

Breakdon Shoes New Bright Orange Color Offers

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This new color shoe body in Nike launched Bright orange, matching red

Nike Shoes 90s style

gradient Swoosh, and the middle of this use ZOOM air cushion with Zoomx bubble with

Nike Shoes Men Air Force 1

full length carbon board Set, bring unprecedented powerful promotion. For the elite runner, such a configuration is undoubtedly to break the individual record such as tiger! At present, this new color match has not released specific release information, but it will be on sale in the near future, and friends who like them may wish to pay more!

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%

Item No. Ci9925-800

Offering price: ¥ 2299 RMB

Breaking two gods How to shoes

Break two gods shoes are quite good, not only high, the foot is comfortable, but the running performance is really good! This broken two-run shoe has good wrapped, light returns, breathable, and comfortable is very suitable for marathon players. So I like my friends can consider ~

How to clean the two glasses

First soaked the ball shoes, soaking time should not be too long, 5 to 6 minutes I.e. The shoe brush is then brushed on soap or laundry, and the process of brush should be meticulous. After the cleaning is complete, finally put the shoes in a ventilated dry place to dry. It can be placed under the sun under the sun, because this can play a sterilization, but remember to wrap a layer of paper towel to the shoes.