AJ 1 MID \\\”Reverse Banned\\\” Spy photos Share AJ 1 Help \\\”Reverse Banned\\\” Offers

AIR Jordan 1 was launched in 1985. It is a basketball shoes named after Nike\’s first double name. It is this pair of shoes that open an era. So this pair of shoes have a great significance, to the end of the year,

Nike Air Force 1

Air Jordan 1 MID is also a moving connection. Following \\\”Dark Grey\\\”, \\\”Reverse Banned\\\” color color will also appear in front of everyone. The following fun is a small number to explain this pair of shoes.

AJ 1 MID \\\”Reverse Banned\\\” Spy photos sharing

This pair of MID will reverse the AIR Jordan 1 classic prohibition color, just like his name, reverse prohibition! Black litchi skin brings a different texture that is not the same.

The bright big red is very in line with the atmosphere of the New Year.

Overlook the ball shoe, or a pair of shoes with red.

Finally, look at the sole

AJ 1 to help \\\”Reverse banned\\\” offer information

This double-reverse transfer color Air Jordan 1 MID delivery time is not fixed, but it is estimated that we will meet with you, follow-up. We will continue to track reports.

AIR Jordan 1 Mid Reverse Banned

Item No .: 554724-601

Offer: $ 110

Air Jordan 1 is the double shoes

AIR Jordan 1 In 1985, it was Nike

Zapatos Nike de Hombre

a pair of Jordan named basket

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Bark Shoes, it is this pair of shoes, open A era. AIR Jordan 1 The inspiration is from Air Force 1 in the past, while lowering the thickness of the medium, reducing the weight, increasing the ground, and adopting a rear palm air sole gas cushion; the most classic flying wing logo comes from the time Nike Creative Director Peter Moore. As a revolutionary shoe, Air Jordan 1 was huge for violation of the unified installation of the alliance at the time, but this ban also made Air Jordan 1 hot, snapped up, and thus left a good story. . At the same time, Michael Jordan wears Air Jordan 1 to emerge in the NBA Alliance and International Competition.The quite bright appearance in the secondary star competition is awarded the reputation of the annual newcomer.Today, Air Jordan 1 has become a classic match of fashion trends, often in major fashion icon and trend street shooting, one of the most legendary shoes in people.