Undefeated X ZK5 Protro Hall of House Offers ZK5 Protro Hall of Fame Rework

UNDEFEATED After cooperating with ZK1 Protro and ZK4 Protro, Undefeated X

The Nike SHOBE 5 PROTRO version of the Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Protro version is reported to be in three different color matching The Hall of Fame celebration has been exposed, let\’s take a look.

Undefeated x zk5

Nike Revolution 5 Men\’s Running Shoes

Protro Hall of Fame

Undefeated will be again collaborated with NIKE to launch the joint series of ZK5Protro, There will be \\\”Hall of Fame\\\”, \\\”Double Digits\\\”, \\\”U13\\\” three colors, the current Hall of Fame color has exposed, will be released in the fall of 2020.

Undefeated X Nike Kobe 5 Protro

Offer Date: 2020 Autumn

Offers: $ 190

ZK5 Protro Hall of Appreciation of FAME

Let\’s first admire shoes, coloring with gold fabric upper with purple design, the gradient Swoosh will have the words \\\”24 10 8\\\”, still very meaningful, [ 123]

After the 话 跟 科 科 科 部 身 身 身 身 名 主 主 主 主 主 主 主 主 主 主

Although there is no specific quantity information exposure, it is definitely a high-priced shoes in accordance with conventional practices.

ZK5 Protro Hall of Fame How to

To tell the truth, most netizens\’ first reactions are colorful looks, the material is really garbage, can not match this shoe, there is a kind of tyrant Feeling, Kobe\’s death, for the fans, this pair of shoes is also a lot of mood, and the shoes are sure, although the mouth is ugly, the time

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still will grab.