What is the reason for the NBA Tet?

Recently, the US black man Jacob Blake was taken by the US police to shoot 7 guns, which caused the escort to upgrade, many NBA players protested by the behavior of the Tetan, and the Raptors consider collectively resisting the eastern semi-finals. Other teams are also

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Is there such an idea, how do you think?

What is the reason for NBA Tets

The cause of the NBA Tetan is a black man Jacob Blake has been brought by American police. 7 guns leading to the incident, causing everyone to race discrimination. Upgrade, the current NBA player\’s tape is also protests with the US police violent law enforcement,

At present, James sounds to the tetan, and directly supports the special support for the tetan: \\\”Go to him X, have been bored, we ask Change! \\\”The Raptors began to discuss against the behavior of the tetan.

Michel: \\\”We need to change, pay tribute! @ 鹿\\\”

Leff: \\\”We have the most powerful and most unified alliance in the world !!\\\”

[ 123] Gobel: \\\”Do you solve the problem? We don\’t know. However, I think those who have the ability to change these things should be uncomfortable. If the players fight, will they feel uncomfortable? I I don\’t know, but we support the tetan. \\\”

When did the NBA tetan?

Today Xiaobian learned that the NBA player conducted a relevant meeting on Thursday, Voting decided to continue to carry out this season\’s playoff game, the players\’ goals were on August 29th on August 29th.

When the NBA will be repeated, it is still waiting for the notice. It is expected to stop one day. At present, Xiaobian knows that after completing today\’s protest, players The meeting will be held at 8 o\’clock in the local time, decide the next action, all players have received the invitation. So today\’s three playoff games (Buck VS Magic, Lake VS Pioneer, Rocket VS Thunder) will be postponed. If you are delayed, it is also a decision to watch the meeting tonight. At present, the NBA official confirms that the three games will not be carried out today, and they will choose the day!

The whole process of Brek incident

The words of the black Brake\’s incidents are also very sorry, the following small series and the process of restoring things: The cause of things is that Brek is called home, and it is very fierce that the neighbor is in a quarrel. It is very fierce that the two sides still have noisy. Continue to stay, this kind is not

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Ok, when I was going to get on the car, the police picked up the weapons from the back to Brek

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opened a foot 7 gun, his 3 children,3 years old, 5 years old and 8 years old, also witnessed this in the car.Perhaps because of the reasons of Brek, the police thought he was a perpetrator. At present, Black has been rescued by the life, but the waist has suffered for a lifetime, and the US police did not come out, which triggered a lot of people.The dissatisfaction, after all, the white police kneeling the black young people have not been over for a long time, such an incident happened again, I hope everyone will treat such a reason to be treated.