WNBA and CBA Who are the best players in WNBA history?

NBA stop today, but WNBA is still continuing, there are many small friends from WNBA\’s representatives, don\’t know what WNBA means, and which is very powerful, today, Xiaobian gives you a full range Let\’s let everyone know this game.


WNBA, popular point is a woman NBA, the WNBA Alliance is also the highest level of women in the world. Zheng Haixia, Sui Feifei, Miao Lijie, Chen Nan and Han Xu are players who have been fighting WNBA in my country. Due to the relatively small influence of WNBA, there is little way, so the WNBA competition is not much, but this does not mean, Do not understand the WNBA level. Summarize, WNBA is really high level, and I hope that more and more Chinese players will be able to board this world-class stage!

WNBA and CBA who are powerful

This is definitely the CBA wins.

If you leave the spirit of physical education, you will be ravaged, and the Chinese men\’s basketball team can collect competitions with more than 100 points! You have not read a mistake, this is the gap between men and women! Do not believe? Simple analysis, skills

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Don\’t talk about, the women\’s basketball center, the average height is about 195, this height is in the men\’s basketball! And the speed, explosive force, physical fitness, confrontation, tonnage are completely in the case of the bottom! When the other side guards can eat your internal line in the basket, what do you take to people? When faced with an orthodox inside of two meters, it is not necessary to say, and even the opportunity to send the counterpart line is not!

Who is the best player in WNBA

Female Flying Parker, 3 料 MVP, 07

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New show, super powerful. Born on April 19, 1986, was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 1.93 meters height, 79 kg of weight, and Dafa Forces and Strokes. She has both the center\’s back basket technology and cap power, but also owns the ball\’s ballistic technology and the vision of the 193-meter height, and has a strong competitive awareness and a championship. For \\\”female version of James\\\”. The exercise ability and personal technology are very popular

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colors, and young and beautiful. Therefore, this is advertising.